Light in the Darkness of Modern-Day Problems: Meditation

In a world where the ultimate goals are success, money and power, we’ve gotten used to the fast-paced way of living that modern society has normalized.


People would rather endure electric shocks than having nothing to do but sit with their thoughts. (Source)

In this regard, the ancient practice of meditation poses a much-needed brake to our relentless speeding car.

What really is meditation?

Meditation is quite a broad term with several categories falling underneath, but in literature, meditation is a process by which an individual controls his/her mind and induces a mode of consciousness either to achieve some benefits or for the mind to simply acknowledge is contents without being identified with the content, or just as an end in itself.

My experience with meditation

After a recommendation from the community at The Knowledge Society, I downloaded the app “Waking Up” by Sam Harris, philosopher and author with a background in neuroscience, a few months ago.

1. Mental resilience


2. Being present

Some time ago, I sat down in front of desk, pulled out my journal, and went on about life was moving so fast that I felt like it was happening to me, not by me.


3. Self-compassion

I was contemplating whether or not to add this one in as the obvious link between meditation and self-compassion might not be so clear, but here’s my thought process:


4. Self-enlightenment

Meditation is very much centred around you. Because of this, the practice can be a great avenue to gain new insights about yourself, or generally become more self-aware.

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