Will this be a Solution to the Plastic Problem?

The limitations of bioplastics and how a certain company is overcoming them 👀

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But hey, with bioplastics, the future may not be so bleak — right?

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Why bioplastics aren’t there yet

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1. Disposal + Environmental Concern

2. The Difficulty of Living Up to Conventional Plastic

3. The issue with crop dependency

4. Cost

“People are somewhat conscious of the environmental impact of oil-based materials that will not biodegrade, but they are not willing to spend the extra dollars to push [new] types of materials,”

— Frederick Scheer

I want to talk about Applied Bioplastics.

So just how do they do it?

The co-founders of Applied Bioplastics. (Source: Wefunder)
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We’re beginning conversations with major corporates that already do most of the world’s plastic production. We don’t want to take them out of business — we want to help them do what they do, but better, cheaper, and more sustainably.

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